Custom Outdoor Fire Features

custom outdoor fire feature

Custom Outdoor Fire Features

Deciding what fire feature best fits your outdoor living space.

It’s no secret that fire features are one of the most sought after design elements in any outdoor living space. They bring people together, as well as create a focal point for any space. With the multitude of choices, how do you decide which one best fits your space? Here are some options and insights on which feature will bring a POP! to your space.

Traditional fire pits come in a circular or square shape pattern, and provide a significant heat to the surrounding area. These features are great when creating a gathering area. Fire pits allow for friends and family to gather around the feature, creating an environment that is warm and allows for conversation to flow all directions.

If you have a structure, they typically don’t lend any room to a fire pit, but outdoor fireplaces are a great fit for these spaces. Outdoor Fireplaces have steadily become more and more popular over the years, and allow for homeowners to transition that indoors feel outside. Like fire-pits, they tend to create a focal point in the space. Where they stand out is the fact these features work well with many overhanging elements, such as pergolas or covered structures.

Whether it’s traditional or un-traditional, fire features in the outdoor living space are here to stay! They create a great feature for any developing outdoor living space as well as allow for a gathering space for friends and family alike! Be sure to consider whether your feature will be gas or wood-burning as well, as this could determine the overall cost of your choice. As these structures keep evolving over time, we plan to see many outdoor living spaces with them in the years to come!