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Designed in the fall of 2013 and installed in spring of 2014, this Carmel residence was a project with many pieces to the overall puzzle. The BPI design team was asked by the clients to create a master plan that tied their existing pool together with many new living spaces they wanted to add.

The team was able to creatively design in several living spaces that spurred off of the pool. The addition of a screened room off of the home was an important piece to the design as it sits above the space with un-interrupted views to the pool and other living spaces below.

The kitchen and bar area below is covered by a cedar pergola and flanked by a wood burning fireplace on one end to not only add warmth to the space in the fall but to create a focal point to the space.

The built in benches on the other side of the pool allow for gathering and sunning without using valuable space with furniture and chairs. The sun deck has a formal feel, which is enhanced by more formal plantings such as roses and capitata yews.

The entire space was surrounded by formal stone columns and decorative wrought iron fencing to give the space a sense of boundary but to also provide for safety and security. The clever use of new materials allowed the team to keep the current pool and concrete decking in place and to cover it and transition to the new spaces seamlessly. When you are in this space you would agree that it truly is “Poolside Perfection”.