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First001-12Designed in fall of 2013 and installed in the Spring of 2014, this Fishers residence is surrounded by woodlands. The BPI design team was tasked by the clients to develop a realistic solution to the severe grade change of the site. The BPI design team developed a plan that allowed for all aspects of the clients wish list.

The space consists of a covered living space set away from the home that transitions to a fire pit area surrounded by stone seating walls. The use of composite wood steps and stone retaining walls allowed the team to fit the space naturally on the site

The placement of the hot tub near the covered space and fire feature allows for easy access on those cool fall evenings, with a great backdrop of a fire burning. The design of the covered structure has a natural feel to fit in with the surrounded woods. The overall design and finished space not only functions well, it fits the surroundings perfectly.

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