How to Select the Right Landscape Design Company

Indianapolis covered outdoor living space with exposed wooden beams, stone, and outdoor seating

How to Select the Right Landscape Design Company

Selecting the right company or contractor for your project isn’t as  easy as it seems.  The simplest way is to have a conversation with the potential contractors and find the company or contractor that you feel the most comfortable working with.

A good company or contractor will have questions for you, just as you have specific questions for them.  The first meeting should really be more of an informal interview process.  At BPI our first meeting is a consultation.  It’s an opportunity to meet with our potential clients and discuss their ideas, needs and wants.  At the end of that consultation we have a simple conversation as to whether we feel comfortable offering our services and whether or not you feel comfortable proceeding.

There are a lot of contractors and companies that take every project they run across without really discussing the client’s needs or desires or focusing on whether it fits their niche or strengths.  It’s okay for a client to tell us they don’t think we are a good fit, just as it is okay for us to tell them we don’t believe their project is a good fit either.

The goal is to find a great match between client and contractor.  If that is the main goal then the relationship and project will be a success.  Remember to find the company that has proven successes with your project elements and a company that you feel comfortable working with.