Setting up Your Outdoor Living Space for Audio-Visual Mastery

While outdoor living has certainly taken off for kitchens, we’ve noticed several trends hinting towards outdoor entertainment centers for the family to enjoy. These spaces include all the audio-visual equipment you’ll need to set up afternoons or evenings of watching sports, movies, or basic cable. But what goes into preparing a space to handle that sort of attention? With our recommendations, you can ensure that your outdoor living space is hooked up for any occasion!

Protection. If you’re set on having an outdoor entertainment center designed into your space, one thing that you’ll need is protection from the elements. Wind and Moisture are two big concerns when hooking up any TV or electronic system outdoors. In many occasions, we’ve found that a custom-built TV cabinet has been the best solution. Situating these underneath a covered structure to ensure that water stays out and allows for a nice focal point to your outdoor space. Additionally, if you’re looking to mount your TV without having it enclosed, be sure that you’re able to easily detach it from the mount. Strong winds can easily push TVs from their position, making it a mess and costly to repair.

Access. TVs have evolved from large boxes to sleek designs. Additionally, the peripherals that go along with them can enhance any outdoor space. These mostly include outdoor sound systems but can range from anything you’re able to hook into your entertainment center. With any peripherals, ensure there is ample access to them creating the ability to fine-tune the atmosphere of your space. An easily accessed system allows you to set the mood, whether it is a relaxing night or home team tailgate party. Access can also aid in swapping out dated equipment for new and innovative systems!

Wireless.  Wireless systems have cut entertainment centers free and allowed many of our clients to layout their outdoor spaces in countless ways. Although the ease of setup may be easier, many have found that their wireless signals are often diminished outdoors. This often originates from several competing signals or distance from your home router or modem. A great way to remedy this is to incorporate a wireless range extender within your covered space. These devices help boost your signal and can make a noticeable difference when connecting to the Internet. This small investment only requires an outlet and your existing wireless network to run! Additionally, many cable providers have started to offer wireless boxes that can connect to your network and give you access to the channels you love!

One of the final considerations is upgradeability for your space. Be sure to give yourself plenty of options when switching out technology for new and innovative pieces. Although it may be tough to plan the specific dimensions of what new tech can bring, with our help and planning, we ensure that your space will remain hooked up for any situation that may arise!

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