Ultimate Guide to Designing Your BBQ Champion Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

Are you ready to elevate your grilling game and transform your backyard into a BBQ paradise? Designing the ultimate outdoor kitchen is about merging functionality with personalized style. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about outdoor kitchen design, that not only looks impressive but also serves as the perfect stage for your grilling masterpieces.

Planning Your Space

Before you break ground, planning is crucial. Start by assessing your available outdoor space and consider how your kitchen will integrate with existing outdoor elements like pools, patios, or garden areas. Think about the direction of the wind (to avoid smoke going directly into your house or seating area) and the proximity to your indoor kitchen to make transporting food and utensils more efficient.

Luxury outdoor kitchen


Choose a spot that’s convenient but also adds to the overall aesthetic of your backyard.


Popular layouts include the straight line, L-shape, and U-shape, each offering different benefits depending on your space and cooking needs.

Choosing the Right Appliances

The heart of any BBQ kitchen is the grill, but to truly elevate your outdoor culinary experience, you’ll need a range of top-notch appliances. BPI Outdoor Living offers a comprehensive selection to meet all your outdoor cooking needs. Here’s what to consider when outfitting you

BBQ champion outdoor kitchen:

close up outdoor grill with light up knobs

  1. Grills: A high-quality grill is essential. Choose from premium options like built-in gas grills for ease and consistency, charcoal grills for that smoky flavor, or even hybrid grills for versatility. Consider your space and how often you entertain when selecting the size and type of grill.
  2. Smokers: For those who appreciate the art of slow-cooked meats, adding a smoker can enhance your flavor profiles dramatically. From electric to traditional wood-fired, each type of smoker offers unique benefits.
  3. Pizza Ovens: Bring a touch of gourmet to your backyard with a dedicated pizza oven. Perfect for family gatherings, these ovens are designed to replicate the high heat of professional pizza kitchens.
  4. Refrigeration: Keep ingredients and beverages chilled and close at hand with a built-in refrigerator. Outdoor-rated models are designed to withstand the elements while providing convenient access to everything you need for a gathering.
  5. Side Burners: Expand your cooking capabilities with one or more side burners. They’re perfect for simmering sauces, sautéing veggies, or boiling pasta right next to where you grill.
  6. Outdoor Dishwashers: Make cleanup a breeze with an outdoor dishwasher. Hosting large parties no longer means hours of washing up afterwards.
  7. Cooling & Bartending Stations: Essential for entertainers, these stations allow you to mix drinks and serve guests without frequent trips indoors.

Each appliance you choose should integrate seamlessly with your overall design and meet the specific needs of your outdoor culinary adventures. Investing in quality appliances not only boosts your cooking capabilities but also enhances the overall value of your outdoor kitchen.

Additional Appliances for Outdoor Kitchen Design

To truly elevate your outdoor kitchen, consider the variety of other appliances that can enhance your cooking and entertainment experience.

  • Bar Centers: Incorporate a bar center complete with a sink, storage for tools, and even an ice maker to make your outdoor kitchen the heart of the party. This setup is ideal for those who enjoy crafting cocktails or need additional space for preparing drinks.
  • Warming Drawers: Keep your food at the perfect temperature without overcooking by using a warming drawer. This appliance is especially handy during large gatherings, ensuring that everything from appetizers to buns to meats stays warm and ready to serve.

Durable Materials and Countertops

Outdoor kitchens must withstand the elements, so choosing the right materials is essential. Stainless steel is popular for its durability and ease of cleaning, while stone and weather-resistant woods like teak can add a touch of elegance.

  • Countertops: Granite, soapstone, and concrete are excellent choices for their durability and resistance to heat and weather.
  • Cabinetry: Opt for marine-grade polymers or stone for low maintenance and high durability.

Storage Solutions

White Trex outdoor kitchen cabinets

Adequate storage solutions are key to maintaining an organized outdoor kitchen. Include cabinets and drawers designed to hold all your utensils, cookware, and BBQ essentials. This not only helps in keeping the space tidy but also protects your tools from the outdoor environment.

  • Dry Storage: Ensure you have waterproof storage options for dry goods and cooking equipment.
  • Pull-out Trash & Recycling Bins: Keep the area clean and organized with built-in bins for waste and recyclables.

Lighting and Electrical Considerations

Proper lighting is crucial for cooking after sunset and adds ambiance to your outdoor space. Plan for both task lighting over the grill and more ambient, decorative lighting around the seating areas.

Pro Tip: Ensure you have enough outlets to accommodate your appliances and any entertainment needs like speakers or a TV.

Enhancing Comfort with Seating and Dining Areas

outdoor living seating area

Creating an inviting outdoor kitchen extends beyond cooking facilities; it’s about shaping a comprehensive space where comfort meets entertainment. To make the most of your outdoor kitchen and turn it into a favorite gathering spot, here are essential elements to consider for maximizing comfort and enhancing the social atmosphere:

  1. Comfortable Seating Options: Invest in high-quality, weather-resistant furniture that offers comfort and style. Include varied seating arrangements like plush sofas for lounging, dining sets for meals, and bar stools for casual gatherings. Ergonomically designed furniture will encourage guests to stay and relax longer.
  2. Bar Seating: A bar setup adjacent to the grill area allows guests to interact with the cook without getting in the way, creating a dynamic food prep and socializing zone. Opt for bar stools with back support and ensure enough leg room to add an extra layer of comfort.
  3. Integrated Entertainment Systems: Incorporate outdoor-rated audio-visual systems to enrich your cooking and dining experience. Install a weatherproof television for sports fans or movie buffs and include a high-quality outdoor sound system for ambient music or entertaining playlists.
  4. Shelter and Heating: Protect your dining and cooking area with pergolas, awnings, or full roofing to shield against sun and rain. For cooler months or chilly evenings, install outdoor heaters, a built-in fireplace, or a fire pit to keep the area warm and cozy, extending the usability of your outdoor kitchen throughout the year.
  5. Cooling Features: On hot days, outdoor ceiling fans or mist cooling systems can make a significant difference in comfort. These features help circulate air and reduce temperatures, making the outdoor kitchen more enjoyable even during peak summer.
  6. Lighting: Proper lighting is crucial not only for meal prep after dark but also to create the right ambiance. Install task lighting over the grill and counters and ambient lighting around dining and seating areas, such as string lights or integrated LED options in seating and pathways.
  7. Outdoor Rugs and Decor: Add outdoor rugs to define different areas and provide a cozy, homey feel underfoot. Decorative pillows, cushions, and throws can add color and comfort, while plants and flowers enhance the natural beauty of the space.

By incorporating these elements, your outdoor kitchen will transform into a versatile living space that offers both functionality and resort-like luxury, ensuring it’s equipped for any occasion, from quiet family dinners to large festive gatherings.

A Gourmet Getaway in Your Own Backyard

At BPI Outdoor Living, we specialize in creating high-end outdoor living spaces that are more than just places to cook—they’re comprehensive environments for relaxation, entertainment, and culinary creativity. Our expertly designed outdoor kitchens are tailored to meet every aspect of your outdoor living dreams, combining robust functionality with luxurious aesthetics.

Contact BPI Outdoor Living today, and let’s make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. Together, we’ll design a space where great meals and great memories are made.

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