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Designed and installed in the summer of 2014, this Fishers residence was a truly unique experience to work on. The space truly reflects the unique character and personality of the clients.

BPI was asked to design a space that their family could use to entertain and relax. The main areas of interest were a conveniently placed hot tub as well as a gourmet kitchen space with a built in smoker.

The BPI tam was able to build a small transition deck from the rear of the house and sink the hot tub into the deck for a convenient location and upscale look. The homeowner asked BPI to build a unique screen that they could place colorful wine bottles on to function as a privacy screen and a piece of art.

The patio was designed on a 45 degree angle to allow for a creative sense of space but also for the future placement of an in ground pool. The kitchen is truly unique

with a built in backsplash and arbor above with built in lighting.

The pergola over the main living space further sets the scale of the space and defines it as a separate living area. The use of colors and textures bring the space together as a truly unique living space.