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As we’ve seen outdoor kitchens evolve over the years, many of our clients have been interested in getting the perfect oven to cook their favorite treats outdoors. Brick Pizza ovens are no stranger to the outdoor living space, and as their popularity continues to grow over the seasons, it’s essential to know what makes up a pizza oven and what versatility they could offer to your outdoor kitchen and living space!

Traditional outdoor ovens originated over many centuries ago in Europe as a means to cook food. Ovens were most of the time constructed out of masonry or stone materials, which insulated the inside of the oven. An opening, typically at the front of the structure, allowed circulation of air throughout the entire oven. This created a convection-like effect that allowed many settlers and inhabitants the ability to cook and bake several types of food. Today, your pizza ovens can range from clay to metal with several ways to replicate that convection style. The final result is always the same: to cook, bake, and create great food outdoors.

Throughout or many years of expertise, we’ve seen some great pizza ovens. With the variety, there are some options of placement as well. Should you choose to add a pizza oven on top of your existing outdoor kitchen, there are several great countertop versions that are available. Although they can be placed directly on top of an existing structure, the downside will be that it may need to be close to a good source of wood. Additionally, these don’t make a grand statement and may blend into your current space.

If you’re looking to make a grand statement with your oven, there are several prebuilt structures that come fully equipped to handle your outdoor oven needs. These structures stone built structures are typically manufactured off site. They arrive as whole units with plenty of storage for wood or additional materials. Although they take much of the hassle out of locating and constructing a pizza oven on your own, they do encompass quite a bit of space. If you’re thinking of one of these ovens for a smaller space, it may be of benefit to go with a countertop model.

Finally, there are some great options if you’re looking into a masonry style pizza oven. Masonry builds around pizza ovens offer a great traditional look to your space and are sure to be one of the dominate features of the design. You typically won’t have to accommodate for any additional space, as masonry pizza ovens tend to be comparable in size to your manufactured ones. The reverse side of that is that most masonry pizza ovens come custom made which tend to double the cost.

While we continue to watch the trend of outdoor ovens to grow, it’s apparent that pizza ovens are here to stay. They offer a great benefit to any outdoor living space and are certainly a great way to get outside and enjoy the weather. Even in the colder months, these ovens offer a unique blend of outdoor cooking without having to hook up the gas.

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